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"If I'd had more time, I'd have written a shorter letter."

                                                            - Mark Twain

We will be providing occasional news items with regard to writing and publishing activity. If you have something of interest that you would like to share with this site, please contact us at for consideration.

Lifting Fog - photo by Janice Lind

August - 2011 - COMING SOON - Watch for new initiatives.

April -2010

Currently assembling submissions for hoi polloi IV - All are welcome to participate!

September - 2009

August - 2011 - COMING SOON - Watch for new initiatives.

April -2010

Currently assembling submissions for hoi polloi IV - All are welcome to participate!

September - 2009

Currently assembling submissions for hoi polloi IV - All are welcome to participate!

September - 2009

Cleaning up some edits for hoi polloi III – May lose one of our contributing authors due to a simultaneous submission issue.

But, new publishing initiative(s) will begin soon.

Thanks again for your patience and support…

On the author front…

Best wishes to Heather Parker and her recent publication Middlewitch. This humorous fantasy novel is set in a small English village and it's published through Drollerie Press  Heather is a contributing author from the UK and her story 'In the Mind's Eye' appears in hoi polloi III. Visit Heather's website and blog to learn more and say "hello".

August - 2009

Our friend Jan Bornstein will be signing copies of her latest book at Borders Books in Kingston, MA on Saturday - August 22nd from 11 AM to 1 PM. The book
Deuces Are Wild completes the Song Trilogy series. Learn more about the author and The Song Trilogy at

The next issue of hoi polloi will be available soon. A print copy will be reviewed for errors and other editing considerations. Thus far, the following authors are represented in hoi polloi III – A Literary Journal for the Rest of Us:

Beverly Beckham, Paula J. Botch, Teresa T. Brader, Mary J. Breen, Jacqueline Cartel, Sally A. Connolly, Tristan D’Agosta, Yelena Dubrovin, Bill Dunn, Justin Evans, Vishwas Gaitonde, Geraldine Glodek, Clyde Grauke, John Grey, J. Conrad Guest, Mary Ann Honaker, Patricia Isaac, Allen Kopp, Suvi Mahonen, Peggy McFarland, Mark McNulty, Robert Moreira, Rebecca Morrison, Heather Parker, Donna Rossetti-Bailey, Terry Sanville, Adelaide B. Shaw, Steve Shilling, Fred Skolnik, Renee Summers, Luke Waldrip Phoebe Wilcox, Alexander Woodbury, Christopher Woods, and Rhonda Zangwill

A selection of potential hoi polloi III book covers will be posted here. Your opinions are welcome. The front cover will be from the pastel creations of local Marshfield artist Donna Rosetti-Bailey. The back cover selection (not shown yet) will be from another local artist – Patricia Isaac.

We now have a presence on FACEBOOK as Dog Days Press and we hope to be more responsive to the writing community through this venue. The book cover choices are currently available for review at this Facebook venue.

April – 2009

We are currently assembling hoi polloi III as we continue to accept submissions. We will create a review copy over the next few weeks and it will allow for additional modifications.

In the meantime, we are promoting the sale of hoi polloi II with all proceeds benefiting The National MS Society. For the month of April, the publisher is promoting a sales contest. We have entered this challenge to sell as many books as possible. It’s a daunting task but our publication is for charitable endeavors and maybe there is a chance

If you are involved with fundraising for The National MS Society, you are welcome to contact us regarding book sales. We can arrange to provide copies of the book at cost for your fund-raising efforts.
We are purchasing a number of copies of the book for the May 2nd MS Walk event in Cohasset, Massachusetts. In addition, we have organized the Dog Days Walkers team for this occasion. This event typically attracts an enthusiastic crowd.

You are encouraged to visit our team page at: MS Walk - Dog Days Walkers.

Incidentally, a generous supporter has offered to match contributions up to the total of $90,000.00 with the challenge deadline set for April 8th. If you are inclined to support this effort, your donation will go much further if you act now.

We are also supporting Mark McNulty in his companion MS fundraising event to take place June 27th and 28th. You may visit Cape Cod 2 Day Bike Getaway for MS.

February – 2009

We have just received authorization to sell copies of hoi polloi II at the local chapter(s) of The National MS Society. A quantity of copies will be printed for the Cohasset, Massachustetts MS Walk event. Minor edits are being applied to hoi pollooi II; speia;l thanks to Clyde Grauke for his thorough review of the publication..
Copies of the first hoi polloi anthology have been made available to 
Library Thing as part of the Member Giveaway program. This feature of Library Thing has produced a great deal of intererest in hoi polloi. Library Thing enjoys a membership of more than 600,000 individuals.
We are currently accepting submissions for hoi polloi III
We expect to introduce other publishing initiatives shortly.

October/Novenber – 2008

Our site has joined for enhancing market visibility and submissions have uncreased dramatically for the next issue of hoi polloi.
Review copies of hoi polloi II are now availabvle through for preview and purchase. Contributing authors and artists will have a period of time to offer suggestions, corrections, additions and modificatios prior to the journal being frozen. Once finalized, the book will be issues an ISBN for greater marketability through online retailers such as, Borders. com,, etc.
Going forward, the next issue of hoi polloi will be published in a much shorter time frame.

September – 2008

We have created a prototype copy of hoi polloi II and it will be available shortly.

June – 2008

We are currently assembling the next issue of hoi polloi. The writing craft section will feature a celebration of the contemporary short story writers with profiles and essays of authors such as Tobias Wolff, Raymond Carver, William Trevor and Andre Dubus to name a few. In addition, the section offer author profiles and interviews. Sample authors include Nel Rand – author of Mississippi Flyway and Bathsheba Monk – author of Now You See It… Stories from Cokesville, PA. Also, Bathsheba Monk’s website features a short-story writing contest for those interested in participation..

Another writing venue: Contributing hoi polloi poet Valerie Lawson has teamed with Michael Brown for the publication of Off the Coast – A Maine literary magazine.

Forward all inquiries, submissions, and subscriptions to or

Off the Coast,
P.O. Box 14,
Robbinston, ME 04671

Another small press that we like – Press53 based in North Carolina. Press53 is currently promoting a Support the Troops with books drive – a noble venture and these troops appreciate the gift of reading..  Check out the site - Press53 offers another terrific writing venue for the aspiring writers among us.  We will feature a profile on this small press in our next issue of hoi polloi.

April, 2008

The thunderstorms passed just prior to the MS Walk in Cohasset, MA and the weather was better than expected. Our team of The Dog Days Walkers received about $1000.00 in pledges from generous supporters. We continue to receive donations and they are gratefully appreciated. Anthony Everett of WCVB TV's Chronicle kicked-off the event and rallied the walkers. We assembled photos of our walk through the back roads of Cohasset with the hope of success in finding a cure for MS. "Thanks" to all for your encouragement and support.

March 24, 2008

While we are presently promoting the current issue of hoi polloi, we are busy assembling the next issue which will benefit The National MS Society. On April 12th, 2008 we will participate in the local MS Walk event in Cohasset, Massachusetts and we have created a walk team - The Dog Days Walkers. All walkers, donors and supporters will be included in the next issue of hoi polloi. And, we will publish any special intentions or messages along with your name and location unless you prefer to remain anonymous. All are welcome to participate. We appreciate your support in this worthy endeavor.

March - 2008

We are currently upgrading and modifying our website. There has been a lapse in website maintenance due to the implementation of a new network platform. Going forward, we would appreciate any assistance in identifying problems. You may come across a 'typo' here and there or some other inconsistency. Also, we welcome your suggestions regarding website content and organization.

Due to the changes, we are extending the submission date for hoi polloi to May 31st, 2008. Thank you for your patience, encouragement and support.


December - 2007

Now that the ISBN has been secured, the journal has been submitted to several south shore (MA) book retailers. Soon, it will be available for widespread online purchasing through a number of sites including and


We have made additional book donations to the Clift Rogers Free Library and Ventress Memorial Library… both of Marshfield, MA. In addition, we have made donations to the San Jose Mercury News Gift of Reading program. This program is in partnership with the Resource Area for Teachers (RAFT).

We have have continued to send more books to the troops who are serving overseas.


Congratulations to all those individuals who supported the establishment of the Maggie Collection at the Ventress Memorial Library in Marshfield, MA. On December 5th, 2007 this remarkable collection of children’s books was launched in loving memory of young Maggie Adler and it will serve as a fantastic resource for young readers.


We have added the photography of Jan Lind to this site... joining Andra Smith.

November - 2007

We have secured an ISBN for the 6" x 9" paperback version of hoi polloi and it is: 978-0-6151-7760-1  Soon, the book will be available for wider distribution through larger online resources and local retailers.

We are donating several hoi polloi books to the military men and women serving overseas. This effort is in response to the call from WBZ radio host Dan Rea and his efforts to correct an unfortunate situation that occurred in Cambridge, Massachusetts. To learn more, visit


Special thanks to the Patricia and S. Richard Penni Charitable Trust for sponsorship of the hoi polloi journal. The journal is available for purchase through the publisher. A slightly modified version of the journal will be published shortly... reflecting an update of the Sowing Seeds organization.  


We have created an 8 1/2 x 11 version of the hoi polloi journal through at 

Since this is a charitable endeavor, we made this a do-it-yourself effort to minimize out-of-pocket expenses and it was definitely a learning process. We had test copies printed of the larger paperback issue and we produced a more compact 6 x 9 version of the journal. A few enhancements were made to the larger edition. The smaller edition had some technical problems but it appears they have been resolved. We have ordered a couple of print copies of the 6 x 9 book and we will review them before making them available to the public. Thank you for your patience.

06-20-2007 - The hoi polloi journal has been completed and a few review copies have been printed prior to full scale availability. We recently donated a number of manuscripts to the Books for the troops effort in addition to copies of Mark McNulty's novel The Sea Shack.

The journal is a collaboration of more than fifty contributors including:

Nava Atlas, Dean Baris, Janet Bornstein, Paula J. Botch, Elizabeth Bullock, Sofija V. Canavan, Sally A. Connolly, Claire Cook, Katherine Critelli, Skip DeBrusk, Karyn Donahue, Bill Dunn, Harriet Emerson, Richard Fannoney, Robert Feeney, Dennis Feeney, Alessandra Fisher, Dave Fisher, Ralph Fletcher, Sarah Fox, Chris Fraas, Walter C. Frye, Elizabeth Evans Fryer, Frank M. Hynes, Marilyn Johnson, Robert Laplander, Valerie Lawson, Jamie Long, Heidi Marble, Mark McNulty, Robert McNulty, Richard Mills, Shea Mullaney, Erin O’Brien, Jay O’Callahan, April Parker, D. T. Pollard, Stephen Puleo, Chet Raymo, Jordan Rich, William Russo, Mike Ryan, Bob Sanchez, Jackson Sellers, Tucker Smallwood, Reed F. Stewart, Renee Summers, Michael Trainor, Kimmy Van Kooten, Caitlin Womersley, Alexander Woodbury and Virginia Young.


Passing this along.... Just in time for summer... Our friend Claire Cook is launching her new book...

Life's a Beach

Come meet Claire at the following book signings...

Tuesday, June 5

BUTTONWOOD BOOKS & TOYS 9:45 AM @ Atlantica Restaurant

44 Border StreetCohasset, MA

Ticketed Coffee with the Authors

(with David Gessner and Hank Phillippi Ryan)

Call Buttonwood at 781-383-2665 for tickets

Tuesday, June 5


165 Front StreetScituate, MA

Beach Party, Talk & Signing

Call Front Street at 781-545-5011 for more info

Saturday, June 16


255 Grossman DriveBraintree, MA

Talk & Signing

Call Borders at 781-356-5111 for more info

Wednesday, June 20


7 PM @ Duxbury Free Library, Merry Room

77 Alden StreetDuxbury, MA

Talk & Signing

Call Westwinds at 781-934-2128 for more info

(To see the full book tour schedule, go to )



We are excited and pleased to welcome storyteller Jay O'Callahan to our hoi polloi publication.


Dog Days Student Journal Launch!

We have initiated a summer journal project for middle school and high school students.


Our hoi polloi journal project is being reviewed and it will be processed for publication shortly. If you have any last-minute additions or modifications, please contact us. We expect to create several draft copies as well.



Books for the troops campaign 

Author Jan Bornstein is initiating a book drive campaign for the troops overseas. She is looking for authors who may be willing to donate books for this effort. The campaign is being developed at this time and there will be press releases issued to the media. Interested in participation? You are encouraged to contact Jan at:   Her website is:



We are pleased to recognize the poetry collections by three of our contributing authors.

From Scituate, MA - Renee Summers has published If the Potter's Hands Shake. It features a compilation of nature poems, poetry about man's inhumanity to man; personal poems about family, friends and neighborhood.

From Plymouth MA - S. Donovan Mullaney has published Follow the Wolf Moon.

Valerie Lawson has published Dog Watch. Valerie is a resident of Buzzards Bay, MA.



Skip DeBrusk has joined our hoi polloi endeavor. The author of Codfish, Dogfish, Mermaids and Frank, Skip has been busy with author events throughout the south shore of Massachusetts. His memoir has enjoyed terrific success; it has been featured on the bestseller list of the Quincy Patriot Ledger for many weeks.

The Scituate native is another welcome addition to our publication.

In addition, Representative Frank Hynes has sent along well wishes and congratulations to Sowing Seeds for 12 years of remarkable service to the community of Marshfield.

We will be launching a journal effort for secondary school students shortly.


We are pleased to include WBZ radio host Jordan Rich as a literary particpant in our hoi polloi journal project.  Jordan is the late night weekend host at WBZ 1030 AM and his show is heard in 38 states and Canada. With Internet radio, it's not surprising to hear callers from more distant locations. Jordan is also the 'go to' guy on a regular basis when the station needs aomeone to fill-in for another host. Each year, Jordan hosts two book night shows that are very popular. These author-friendly shows are highly anticiipated events; and Jordan is assisted by 'Bonnie-the-booklady' and his longtime friend and business partner Ken Carberry. Of course, the callers contribute as well with their own book suggestions. The website is another source for book suggestions from these shows.


Welcome aboard to authors Ralph Fletcher, D T Pollard, Nava Atlas, Sally Connolly, Valerie Lawson, Jan Bornstein, April Parker and… special thanks to RAIN TAXI review of books and a review by Sarah Fox. Also, we appreciate the support and encouragement from author Claire Cook and wish her continued success with the anticipated publication of Life’s a Beach. In addition, we have received a number of literary submissions and your participation is appreciated.


We have been fortunate to receive support from a number of authors including Elizabeth Evans Fryer, Marilyn Johnson, Robert Laplander, Shea Donovan Mullaney, Chet Raymo, William Russo, Bob Sanchez, Jackson Sellers, Tucker Smallwood, Renee Summers and more…. 

If you are in the area... author of The Dead Beat: lost souls, lucky stiffs, and the perverse pleasures of obituaries, Marilyn Johnson will be appearing at the Harvard Bookstore in Cambridge on March 6th at 6:30 PM. In addition, she will be appearing at the Boston University Barnes & Noble Bookstore on April 4th at 7 PM. To learn more, visit 

We appreciate the support of these contributing authors and we encourage our audience to reciprocate in kind.  


The submission of essays, poems, short fiction and creative non-fiction are greatly appreciated. The creative element is the primary driver and focus of the hoi polloi journal.   

As the assembly and creation of hoi polloi evolves, we have received several submissions and interview responses from the 'self-published' community. A segment of hoi polloi will thus be devoted to these enterprising authors and their achievements. In addition, we will feature author profiles and interviews from the traditional publishing houses. The authors offer refreshing insight and candor regarding their craft and industry.

An All Things Local section will include a Marshfield profile; a feature on the Sowing Seeds organization; a Literary Slice of Life in Marshfield... a community profile of what people are reading, favorite authors, reading lists, author influences, book reviews, etc.

Stay tuned and keep those submissions coming...


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all... And, special thanks to everyone for their thoughtful submissions to hoi polloi. Your support and encouragement is very much appreciated. 


We are in the process of issuing press releases; inviting individuals to contribute their literary talent. In addition, we are contacting authors who may be interested in participation. Jordan Rich has long been a favorite radio host at WBZ (1030 AM) in Boston. He hosts periodic ‘book nights’ and he has offered his encouragement and 'well wishes' to our enterprise. And, we are pleased to feature some added photography from the talented Andra Smith. You are encouraged to visit her gallery.    


Dog Days Press is up and running. So, let the writing begin!


An integral aspect to this venture is collaboration. We are all very much a team with regard to sharing our creative energies and publishing a finished product. It may not be obvious on the surface, but we have become a ‘writing society’. Our email culture has certainly contributed to this change in our lifestyles. As a culture, this email writing has morphed into other adventures like ‘blogging’ and it has become easier to communicate through the internet. If we aren’t writing letters to the newspapers, we are producing newsletters; we may be writing restaurant reviews or sending scathing letters of complaint to some anonymous, unsuspecting soul at the end of an email address. Computer alter-egos… there is a story for another time.


So, people are writing more often and many feel compelled to tell their stories. Their skills have been enhanced through osmosis. Publishing houses are busier than ever and technology is making it easier to have books produced.

Now, many people have the compulsion to write and get published but they don’t know how to get started. Dog Days Press is very much that ‘getting started’ point. Writing short stories, essays and poetry in small batches is a positive approach to realizing goals. Very often, the traditional authors have embarked on writing careers through literary journals and magazines. And, many successful authors still contribute to these resources on occasion.


The literary journals and magazines are tremendous sources for experiencing variety in your daily reading enjoyment. A good number of these professional publications are products of the University and College communities. There are also many independent journals and magazines that are achieving success. Dog Days Press is our ‘grass roots’ effort to join this literary culture. With your partnership, we are committed to producing a quality and entertaining journal with the publication of hoi polloi. We will produce other books over time and they won’t be limited to just collaborative writing. But, hoi polloi promises to be a good start.


As an aside...


At times, the publishing business can seem quite unfair. We sometimes hear of quality authors going 'undiscovered' for long periods of time...several books into their careers. But, they persevere, pursue their passion and eventually find their niche.

Then we hear of the opposite extreme regarding 'accidental' successful authors. Those individuals who achieve their '15 minutes of fame'; literary agents and publishers trip over themselves to sign these individuals to book deals. And, to make matters worse, a ghost writer produces their stories. Again, these are the extremes that challenge our cultural views and sensibilities. Then again, sometimes it's these extremes that maintain our interest level and make life a little more interesting.


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