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"History will be kind to me for I intend to write it."

                                                                 - Winston Churchill

This page reflects writing and publishing projects for future consideration. Please contact us with any suggestions or ideas for collaboration.

Morning Commute - Photograph by Janice Lind

Our 'to do' list. The following collaboration projects are in the planning stages and the names may change:

Tributes - A collaborative publication of essays. The focus will be creative writing in reflection of individuals, organizations, etc. This publication will offer an opportunity for authors to pay homage and share their appreciation for others. A challenge would be the recognition of the 'not so obvious' people, organizations and services that may have affected our lives.  

Fledgling Writers - A collaboration challenge for aspiring Middle School and High School authors. Summer 2007 target development. 

It's Not Just About The Food - A food driven collaboration and collection of memories regarding our passions for memorable places, occasions, gatherings, etc.

Redcatcher Journal -  Reflections from one U.S. Army brigade that served in Vietnam - the 199th Light Infantry Brigade.

Parish Reunion -  After several decades have elapsed, old neighborhoods in Dorchester, MA reunite through their stories.

hoi polloi -  Continued publication of new issues.

Over time, we will be introducing art and photography as well.

Plus, we look forward to producing other forms of publications as time and resources allow.

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