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Initiative for secondary education student writers.

Houghs Neck - Photo image by Janice Lind

Please note: We are currently leaving the submission deadline open in an effort to provide more time for contributors. We did not provide adequate notice to the student community about this project and it will be corrected in the near future.

Welcome to our Student Journal initiative. As this project evolves, we will develop an appropriate name for the publication.


Much like hoi polloi, this publication will be a collaborative literary journal and you are invited to participate.  Since this is a new venture, we are limiting restriction guidelines that are normal with similar publications.



Regarding submissions:

We are looking for original un-published entries. If you submit an entry to several publications and your entry is accepted by another publication, please let us know as soon as possible. Also, if your entry is not selected for addition to this issue, we may consider it for a follow-up issue.


The details


Submission deadlines:

We will be accepting entries from May 1st, 2007 to September  31st, 2007.

Our target date for the pilot issue is late Fall  2007. Other entries will be considered

for future issues.


Who is eligible:

Middle School Students and High School Students. However, we are flexible and we will consider exceptions. For example, someone entering middle school or a recent high school graduate.



First issue - open theme.



First issue - open consideration for short fiction, creative non-fiction, essays and poetry.



One entry per mailing or electronic submission (email).

We will accept multiple individual entries.

An exception - Multiple poetry submissions will be considered with an individual mailing or email entry..



A target limit of 7000 words per manuscript but we are being flexible with this pilot publication.


Method of submission:

Preferred - email with MS WORD or RTF attachment plus cover document with brief biographical information. Please note your entry type in the email header... i.e. fiction, non-fiction, poetry, essay, etc. email to:


Also accepting - postal submissions. Submit to Our Location.


Preferred print type - double spaced and 12 point type.

If you would like your mailed manuscript returned, please include appropriate return envelope and required return postage.



If your entry is accepted for publication inclusion, we can only offer a complimentary copy of the student journal at this time... and our gratitude for all those who participate.




Poetry submission:

            Explore your poetic creativity. Research the various forms of poetry.

            Take a risk and learn something new on your own.

Try to write a sonnet. How about Haiku, free verse, Cinquain, Ballad, Limerick, Epistle, Ode, Pleiades, Sestina, Lento and more…    


Short fiction:

            Let your imagination loose.


Creative non-fiction:

Do you have an interesting true story to share? We sometimes enjoy simple things and memories that otherwise would seem insignificant. But, upon reflection they are quite meaningful. It may be family traditions; an annual fishing trip or those regular trips to the beach in the summer time. Write about those moments and elaborate on the meaningful details. Create a mood for the reader and demonstrate why this story is so compelling to you through your language.



            Write about a topic that drives you.

            Share your passions. Research your topics. Sell your opinion.

Write convincing reviews and arguments about books, movies, food, TV, the entertainment industry, sports, travel, etc.



            Take the initiative to learn more about the people in your life.

Interview a parent, grand-parent, veteran, clergy member, doctor, business owner, athlete, entertainment personality, etc.

Develop a plan. Perhaps there is someone you admire and you would like to learn more about him/her. Identify your target and make an initial contact. Establish an agreement and create your interview questions. Set goals. Challenge yourself.

Perhaps you have a favorite author. Try to contact the author and develop your project electronically.



Write about someone you may admire or appreciate. An interesting approach would be selecting someone who may not otherwise be an obvious choice. It doesn’t have to be a person. There may be something you would like to recognize… maybe a business or organization or church or whatever… Use your imagination. 


Photo /Art:

We are exploring various opportunities for photography and art. You may consider a photo / essay submission and this would involve black and white photography at this time. In addition, there will be consideration for book cover art and / or  photography. We would accept color images for these submissions. This is a work in progress and please feel free to contact us with any questions or clarification.


Sponsorship and advertising.

Interested in supporting the student journal?

We are offering sponsorship and advertising opportunities.

For inquiries and sponsor / message / advertising arrangements, contact us at


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