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Never be entirely idle; but either be reading, or writing, or praying or meditating or endeavoring something for the public good"

                                                       - Thomas a Kempis (1380-1471)

 What's your story?

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hoi polloi

A Literary Journal for the Rest of Us

Welcome to our 'hoi polloi' initiative.

 We recently published our third edition of this collaborative literary journal. All proceeds from this publication benefit charitable endeavors.

The next issue of hoi polloi is scheduled to benefit the combined charities of South Shore Hospital in Weymouth, Massachustetts.

The name significance of hoi polloi?

It's a Greek term that refers to 'the masses'... That's us!

And, we look forward to your involvement and partnership. 

Regarding submissions:

We are looking for original un-published entries. If you submit an entry to several publications and your entry is accepted by another publication, please let us know as soon as possible. Also, if your entry is not selected for addition to this issue, we may consider it for a follow-up issue.

The details

Submission deadlines:

We will be accepting entries from October 1st, 2011 to May 31st, 2012. Our target date for the next edition of hoi polloi is early 2012. Other entries will be considered for future issues. We are currently processing with a rolling submission approach to incorporate submissions in two issues of the anthology.



Open theme.


Open consideration for short fiction, creative non-fiction, essays and poetry. We welcome suggestions. The first issue included articles and a one act play. Also, we are looking at accepting black & white photo essays at this time.



One entry per mailing or electronic submission (email).

We will accept multiple individual entries.

An exception - Multiple poetry submissions will be considered with an individual mailing or email entry.

Use your discretion regarding U.S. Mail. If the submissions are of a reasonable size, you are welcome to submit a single mailing.



A target limit of 7000 words per manuscript but we are being flexible with considerations at this time.


Method of submission:

Preferred - email with MS WORD or RTF attachment plus cover document with brief biographical information. Please note your entry type in the email header... i.e. fiction, non-fiction, poetry, essay, to:

Also accepting - postal submissions. Submit to Our Location:


Preferred print type - double spaced and 12 point type.

If you would like your mailed manuscript returned, please include appropriate return envelope and required return postage.


If your entry is accepted for publication inclusion, we can only offer a complimentary copy of hoi polloi at this time... and our gratitude for all those who participate.

Author's Corner:

We welcome published authors. Whether self-published or through the traditional process, your participation is encouraged. We plan to present author and book profiles and author interviews. Also, if you send us a review copy of your publication, we will make every effort to review your achievement in hoi polloi. If you would like your review copy returned, please include return mailer and appropriate postage.

If interested in a profile / interview arrangement, we have assembled a questionnaire that may be helpful in providing content. questionnaire

Sponsor - Advertising:

Interested in supporting hoi polloi? We are offering sponsor / advertising opportunities in the publication.

For inquiries and sponsor / message / advertising arrangements, contact us at

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